New Rabbit Fencing Service from Hyde Hall Farm

Hyde Hall Partnership in Hertfordshire have supplied and erected over 50000m of rabbit fencing in the past 24 months!

Many of our customers have tried other means of control (shooting, trapping and rodenator) but feel the only real long term solution is to fence off badly affected areas. Time and again we receive feedback that fields where yields have been reduced by anything up to 75% pre fencing have bounced back to the farm average once rabbit damage was prevented . One particular farmer asked us to carry out 250m as a trial- he was so impressed with the results that we have to date fenced over 7000m!

We only use top quality, British sourced materials for all our fencing but this is particularly true when it comes to rabbit netting. It is possible to buy cheaper Chinese produced wire but the lifetime of this wire is short whereas we aim to provide rabbit protection for a long period of time to reflect the investment made by you the customer.

We create a deep furrow with our specially modified plough then erect 3-4" pressure treated posts, 2 x high tensile straining wires and finally attach rabbit net and backfill with a mini-digger. Additional extras are the digging in and supply of rabbit drop traps along the fence line and a top jump wire if felt necessary.

Please so contact us with any questions on rabbit fencing supply or installation or if you require a quotation.